Berry Sweetlife

Berry is a tiny striped Panda Fairy who obviously has got a sweet tooth. He is made by Japanese artist Tomoto, she creates whimsical scenes with her sweet and kind characters.

Berry Sweetlife - Cute Panda

Berry Sweetlife - Cute Panda

Strawberries and melons are not save around Berry.

Berry Sweetlife - Cute Panda

It’s important to know how to make happy cakes.

Berry Sweetlife - Cute Felt Knitted Panda

This sweet felt needle version of Berry is a gift from artist Olla Boku.

Berry Sweetlife - Cute Panda Card

Tomoto also creates glicee prints and illustrated postcards, you can purchase them online at Junie Moon (the Japanese Blythe shop :)).

Berry Sweetlife - Art by Tomoto

Follow berry’s adventures on Instagram (especially if you like cute food!) or on Tomoto’s Blog.