Kawaii Food Recipes from Mosogourmet

Today I would like to introduce you to a popular Youtube Channel called Mosogourmet. It’s run by a Japanese family of five that shares their favorite recipes. Some of the videos also display the ingredients in English, you can find those by clicking on the ‘read more’ button in the description. I’ve made a selection of the cutest recipes for you:

Kawaii recipes from Mosogourmet

Inari animal hats with steamed carrots. This video doesn’t contain an English translation, but basically you’ll need tofu pouches (inari), sushi rice, nori, soup base, egg or cheese and large carrots. Tofu pouches can be bought ready-made at an (Asian) supermarket. The recipe also mentions lotus roots, but I don’t know if these are available outside of Japan.

Kawaii recipes from Mosogourmet - Danboard Watermelon

Watermelon Danbo. A healthy edible version of the ever so cute Danboard, almost too precious to eat. I dare you to watch the video till the end [‘A’]

Kawaii recipes from Mosogourmet - Mochi

Hoppe Chan Baked Meringue. These Hoppe Chan treats will take you some time to decorate, but the outcome is super cute.

Kawaii recipes from Mosogourmet - Bear Strawberry

Strawberry Bears. This is such a sweet idea. Apparently some strawberries are bear-shaped which calls for a little modification (^(エ)^). I think that you can use icing, Greek yoghurt or white chocolate to decorate the strawberry with. And if you’ve got regular shaped strawberries, you might want to try out the strawberry men recipe.

Kawaii recipes from Mosogourmet - Rilakkuma Cake

Rilakkuma Mousse Cake. Mosogourmet used a Rilakkuma shaped bento box as a mold for the face, which is pretty smart. You can find the box at Modes4U and Strapya World. The recipe includes a sponge cake, coffee mouse, caramel glaze and chocolate for the face parts. This would be great for a birthday party of high tea!

Kawaii recipes from Mosogourmet - Rugby Bear Cookies

Rugby Football Bear Biscuits. These cookies are so sweet, I like it how they hold the almonds. You can also make them hold M&Ms or other candies, as long as they’re suitable for baking.

Visit the Mosogourmet Youtube Channel for more recipes or keep an eye on their Facebook page.