Rilakkuma as a Relaxed Cat

Rilakkuma Cat - Nobiri Neko

Being lazy and having a time to chill out and relax. Yep, that pretty much sums up a cat.

I was excited to see these new cat themed Rilakkuma goods, which will be released at the beginning of October. The story behind the ‘nonbiri neko’ series is that Rilakkuma has cat-sitted his friend’s cat for a week. You can expect a wide range of items such as pens, plushes, pouches, letterpaper and tissue-covers.

Rilakkuma Cat - Nobiri Neko Plush

My personal favorite might be the plushes of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori dressed up as cats.

Rilakkuma Cat - Nobiri Neko

A cat combined with Rilakkuma equals relaxation, which calls for fluffy slippers and an adorable korilakkuma cat-shaped pillow. You can use the pillow for power-naps or fold it out to sit on ❀

Rilakkuma Cat - Nobiri Neko Stationery

The notebooks, letterpaper and pens are just purrrfect.

Rilakkuma Cat - Nobiri Neko Limited

Lawson will release limited edition ‘nonbiri neko’ items in Japan, like yogurt jelly and halloween candy. There’s also a special lottery where you can win Rilakkuma plates, plushes and a waffle maker. I wonder if the waffles will come out with a cat print?

Have a look at the San-x Nobiri Neko page to see all the items. You can preorder the Rilakkuma cat items at Mira Plush, or wait to see if shops such as JanetStore and Modes4U will sell them.

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