Kawaii Box August 2014 Review

Kawaii Box Review

Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. As a subscriber you will receive a box filled with 10-12 hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea every month. The August box took 2 weeks to arrive to me in the Netherlands from Singapore. Good news for European kawaii fans: you don’t have to worry about customs duties because the price is under $20 (*^▽^*).

The box was actually smaller than I had expected at about 25cm. It comes with a Kawaii Box sticker on the front and mine even had a cute cartoon girl drawn on it. I love those small personal touches. Upon opening you get greeted by a thank you card with a hand written message on the back, mine said: ‘Enjoy Summer with your new Kawaii Box’. So let’s see what’s inside…

Kawaii Box Review - Blippo Store

The August box comes with 11 cheerful items! Two of them aren’t pictured here, you can find those at the end of this post.

Kawaii Box Review - Plush Watermelon

Minty helped me to present some of the items. If a watermelon doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does. This soft watermelon shaped purse looks very well made, it can hold your money and even a couple of cards. Or you can place some make-up in it and attach it to your bag. It’s one of the items that stood out to me.

Kawaii Box Review - Macaron

Another lovely item is this macaron charm, at about 3,5 cm it’s quite large and heavy. The 3 little rhinestones in the cream give a nice touch to it. Definitely a keeper.

Kawaii Box Review - Stationery

I’m very fond of cute stationery, even though I don’t use all of it. I like to keep a little stash of notepaper and letter-paper and just look at it from time to time. This month’s box holds 3 stationery items: Rilakkuma sticky notes, cat letter paper and a pencil & eraser set.
The Aloha Rilakkuma sticky notes from San-X arrived in a plastic package, with 20 sheets in total. The sweet cat letter paper is from a Chinese brand called Ninge/Ninju. The envelopes say: ‘I’m Happy for you! I will give you only good things’ and of course there are some uplifting Engrish messages on the letter paper as well.

Kawaii Box Review - Pencils

A cute Korean Popcorn Okitoki set with 3 cute pencils, a sharpener and 3 erasers. The illustrations look very nice and the set usually sells for $5.13 at Blippo

Kawaii Box Review - Nail Art

This cupcake ring was a little small and I didn’t dare to adjust too much, so now it’s adorns my little finger (^ω^). The nail art are neon-colored stickers with a golden border, I haven’t tried them yet.

Kawaii Box Review - DIY Candy

Minty wants to present his personal favorite: DIY candy! Oh yes, I will certainly have to try this soon and write a separate post about it. This set is called Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Oekaki Animal Candy Land Kit. You get to create soda-flavored gummy animals with it, such as a penguin and panda ❤

Kawaii Box Review - Kumamon Plush

Look at this, it’s a Kumamon charm plush! Kumamon is a Japanese mascot and he’s slowly gaining popularity worldwide. There’s a zipper at the back, which allows you to store some small items like coins.


Now on to two items that didn’t measure up to the quality of the other items in my opinion. The giraffe hanger came with a little black smudge on it’s body. I guess this comes from a sticker or paper with printed text.  The panda bear plush had a little glue residue on it’s eyes. Nothing too bad, but I just want to be honest here.

In the end the other items really make up for it and it’s not surprising that you might find items in the box that aren’t exactly your taste. But you can always gift or trade them. I think the total value of the items is a little over $30, so the $18,90 subscription price is well worth it!


Usually a box will include candy, charms, straps, stationery and jewelry. You can have a look at pictures of the previous boxes if you’d like to see what you can expect.

The price for a Kawaii Box subscription is $18,90 per month through Paypal and shipping is free. There’s also a 3-month gift subscription available if you are looking for a special present. Kawaii Box is a service from Blippo, a shop from Hong Kong that sells affordable cute items.

This post was kindly sponsored by Kawaii Box and the great news is that they will also offer a giveaway on kao-ani.com! So stay tuned if you want to win your own Kawaii Box ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

4 thoughts on “Kawaii Box August 2014 Review

  1. I really wanted to subscribe to Kawaii box but then my Husband said he didn’t think it was worth the price that he rather I just order my own stuff online that way I can select the items. Yet I think that kawaii box would be such a cute surprise because you never know what your gonna get although sometimes you might get items that you don’t even care for or aren’t of the utmost quality. I have been ordering from Modes4u.com a lot lately. If I decide that I really want to subscribe then I’ll probably try the 3 month subscription to see how it goes. Still I love how each day the word of Kawaii is being spread throughout the world in unique ways. XoXo. :cake:


    1. Thank you for your comment Sophie! The Kawaii Box is well worth the price and I really like the surprise part of it. But you might end up with a couple of items that aren’t really your taste, so I understand what you are saying. I think the 3 month subscription might be a good way to try it out and/or you can enter our Kawaii Box giveaway next week ^_^


  2. This is so cool! It makes me so sad that they don’t ship to Australia 😦 I would love to get this in my mail box every month. Its just so cute!


  3. I just looked it up, and it would seem I may be wrong about the not shipping here thing! *SQUEE!* That would make me so happy 😛


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