Polar Bear Cafe

To be honest I hadn’t heard of the Polar Bear Cafe until I saw a tiny picture in a magazine. It said Shiro Kuma, which means White Bear (part of the 10 Japanese word that I master ;)) and when I Googled a bit more the cutest menu showed up.

Shiro Kuma Polar Bear Cafe

The Polar bear Cafe doesn’t serve the special items below anymore, but I did see new character food from them. So if you happen to be in japan, I think it’s definitely worth a visit. For now feel free to drool over these pictures:

Shiro Kuma Polar Bear Cafe Icecream

Polar bear milk flavored shaved ice cream. You could also make this yourself from ‘regular’ ice cream and chocolates.

Polar Bear Cafe - Panda icecream

Panda Ice cream, my absolute favorite!

Shiro Kuma - Llama sweets

Llama chocolate cake with an undefined green substance.

Shiro Kuma cafe - Slot Crepe

A Sloth crΓͺpe (!), remember the post about Sanrio Crepes?

Shiro Kuma - Ichigo Panda

Panda’s strawberry tart.

Shiro Kuma Polar Bear Cafe

The actual Shiro Kuma Cafe in Takadanobaba (try to repeat that several times), Shinjuku, Tokyo. A big plush version of the penguin and panda are sitting behind the counter, where you can order a cute menu with free illustrated coaster. You can also find a selection of character goods and manga’s in the cafe. The official Shiro Kuma Cafe website has got a map with directions, it’s a short walk from the Takadanobaba Station.

Shiro Kuma Polar Bear Cafe Anime

The cafe originated from a Manga by Aloha Higa and it’s run by both humans and animals. The main characters are a polar bear, penguin and panda with his adorable panda-shaped handbag. You can watch the anime with English subs on Anime Season.

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  1. I used to watch the anime and found it so funny and sweet. I didn’t realise there’s an actual real life cafe! ❀ It looks adorable.


    1. Thank you for your comment Abigail, I love your website ^_^ and have been following it on Feedly.
      The cafe looks sweet, doesn’t it? It looks like themed cafes keep gaining popularity in Japan!


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