Meet My New Alpaca ^_^

Remember the Alpaca Wind Up Toy that I badly wanted to bring home from the Blythecon? Turns out that they are being sold at eBay! I decided to get one and the mailman (who always smiles with his golden tooth :D) delivered it today, woohoo.

Alpaca Wind Up Toy

Alpaca Wind Up Toy

I fluffed the alpaca up a little before presenting her to Catootje. She was so not impressed with the new critter and got back to sunning (working on her tan…).

Alpaca Wind Up Toy

The Butterfly Bush is quite popular these days. In fact bees and butterflies have been munching on it so much, that there are barely any flowers left after just three weeks.

Hop over to my Instagram for a video of the Alpaca in action. I’ve purchased mine from this seller for $19. I’m not a 100% sure if this is the original Iwaya Alpaca, since those look more ‘wooly’ on pictures, but it’s very soft and works well so I’m happy with it ^_^

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  1. What name did you give him? Your alpaca and your Butterfly bush are so beautiful. Looking forward to more pictures of both. I just added you on instagram (I’m deadxxstars).


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