Chara-Cre! Sanrio Character Crepes

In Japan you can currently buy Chara-Cre!, which are crêpes combined with Sanrio characters. Sort of like heaven on earth. This is a concept from Marion Crepes – a crêpe stand on Takeshita-dori, Harajuku. All the selected characters have something to do with food, so I think it’s an excellent choice.

Sanrio Character Crepes - Cute Food

This adorable Kirimi-Chan crêpe is somewhat healthy, with lettuce, smoked salmon, fish paste (for Kamaboko-Chan) and ham. Look at Kirimi-Chan! I think you could quite easily make him yourself, by using a piece of smoked salmon and some cut-out nori.

Sanrio Character Crepes Kirimi - Cute Food

Sanrio Character Crepes Purin - Cute Food

The Pum Pum Purin crêpe, topped with a mini custard pudding, chocolate cookie and chocolate, is great for people with a sweet tooth!

Sanrio Character Crepes - Cute Food

Sanrio Character Crepes - Cute Food

Sanrio Character Crepes Tamago

This family of egg crêpes are not depressed, they are just lazy. Gudetama came second to Kirimi-Chan in the Sanrio Character Contest. He’s unmotivated and basically just lays around all day, with no energy to properly finish sentences.

Sanrio Character Crepes Gudetama


The Chara-Cre beach house, including hot dog.

You can purchase the cute character crepes for ¥600 at Umi no Ie (Beach House) 2-20-29, Katase Kaigan, Fujisawa until 31 August 2014.
They’re open from 8:00am ~ 8:00pm and directions are available on the Chara-Cre website.
Tokyo2Seoul has good directions to the regular Marion Crepes stand. I’m feeling hungry now.