Kawaii Craft Tutorials from Maqaroon

You might have heard of Maqaroon, Joanna’s brand for kawaii jewelry and art. Amber from Miseducated has posted a great interview with Joanna, if you would like to know more about her.

Somehow it had skipped my attention that Joanna has launched a Youtube Channel last year. That is until I saw a cute needle felt icecream tutorial. I’ve never needle felted, but the tutorial looks easy enough to complete (∩_∩)

Kawaii Craft Macaron DIY

I’d also really like to try the clay bear Macaron tutorial!

Kawaii Clay Craft Maqaroon

Joanna came up with the idea to create a latte art cat from clay, so sweet.

Kawaii Felt Ice Craft Maqaroon

The needle felted ice lolly craft is inspired by felt artist Chiku Chiku.

Kawaii Felt Needle DIY Maqaroon

Last but not least are these kawaii roll cakes, made with a foam base (like the ice lolly). Look at that that little swirl of cake filling ❀

Check out all the inspiring crafts on Maqaroon’s Youtube Channel.