Sweet Deco Cake Rolls by Junko

Cute Deco Cake Rolls Junko

Japanese baking blogger Junko knows how to make some great looking swiss cakes rolls. Originally Junko worked as a graphical designer -which I think show in the cake patterns-, but her passion for food drove her to launch a blog in 2008. Along the way she became popular in Japan and now often appears in TV shows and magazines. She shares recipes on her website and in a couple of Japanese & Chinese books. Luckily she has just released her first English book, called Deco Cakes, which features 32 sweet recipes.

On cakegeek you can find a recipe for the Strawberry Deco Roll from the book ( οΎŸβ–½οΎŸ)/

Cute Deco Cake Rolls Junko

This cake is made after koinobori banners in the shape of a carp, that are used on Children’s Day. The Japanese recipe shows how Junko uses chocolate as a base for the fish shape and paints the dark details on after it’s baked. For more complex designs (I guess like this one) the book has got stencils which you can trace on parchment paper to follow.

Cute Deco Cake Rolls Junko

Cute Deco Cake Rolls Junko

These creations look so good! I’m not sure which cakes above are featured in the book.

Kawaii Roll Cake

What you can certainly find in the book is this cute bear cake roll. Have a look at the Japanese recipe to see how it’s made. Basically you draw the pattern on parchment paper, pipe the shapes onto the paper and bake it. Then you put the cake batter over the pattern and bake it. Fill the cake with cream and fruit and “paint” the details on to complete your roll. By now it’s probably too cute to eat, oh well.

Cake Roll Rilakkuma

This sweet Rilakkuma cake roll comes from another (Japanese) book, but you can see how it’s made on Youtube.

Deco Cakes Book by Junko

Deco Cakes is available through Amazon or Bol.com.
In Singapore and Malaysia it’s sold as “Deco Roll Cakes” with a different looking cover.

You can drool over Junko’s rolls on her website and Facebook page.

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