Kawaii Sushi Party

Last Thursday I had a little sushi diy meet with friends (*β€Ώ*). We met around noon so I made them lunch with heart shaped sandwiches and boiled character eggs. Note to self: do not use eggs that are slightly too large and try to press the shape closed anyway, it might cause an explosion of egg bits everywhere in your hair and kitchen (βŠ™οΈΏβŠ™). Yes, I had to learn that the hard way…

After the little egg incident everything went smoothly and we basically talked eachother’s head off while sipping tea. Sadly Irene, a mutual friend of ours, is currently staying in China so she couldn’t join. But thanks to the wonders of Skype we managed to keep her awake for quite some time πŸ˜‰ She had sent us the loveliest kawaii gifts in a care package

kawaii sushi

Maaike showed off her mad sushi rolling skills πŸ˜€

kawaii sushi rilakkuma

Since Rilakkuma is Yasmin’s favorite characters she got to make this sweet inari sushi. As you can tell by the cyclops inari we where running a bit out of time.

kawaii sushi vegetables

With some cutters and picks we easily turned the vegetables into something cute.

kawaii coloured sushi

We went a little wild with the sushi colours and furikake. Maaike brought the most amazing seasoning from Japan along, the best one was Anpanman furikake which has little heads in it. Both the colouring and most furikake had a weird fishy smell to it, but this wasn’t noticeable at all when eating the sushi.

kawaii sushi

Now Yasmin wasn’t the only one suffering from a migraine attack πŸ˜‰

kawaii sushi leftovers

Because we couldn’t finish all the sushi, we decided to make a leftover plate for Metin πŸ˜€ Upon seeing it he said: Oh that’s cute; with rilakkuma sushi! So he got bonus points for remembering the bear’s name.

kawaii sushi rejects

Actually there were so many ingredients left, that I made sushi again the next day. These pieces of salmon were rejected and didn’t make it onto the rice, poor fellows.

Throw a sushi party yourself

You’ll need some time, but it’s a lot of fun to do and you can talk (or Skype ;)) in between. I won’t describe how to make the sushi since there are a ton of good tutorials on Youtube and maybe you’ve already got some experience. Basically you can use a rice shape (as mentioned below) for the nigiri sushi and a bamboo mat for the maki sushi.

Ingredients for 3-4 persons

100 grams salmon (fresh)
100 grams tuna (fresh)
100 grams surimi (crab sticks)
100 grams smoked salmon
150 grams seaweed salad
500 grams sushi rice
cream cheese
1 large cucumber
1 large winter carrot
1 avocado
2 spring onions
8 inari pouches
1 package of cherry tomatoes
1 package of large nori sheets
cheese or eggwhite (for the rilakkuma face)
soy sauce
rice vinegar

Tools and such

Sushi ideas

  • Maki sushi (roll) with cream cheese + smoked salmon + spring onion + avocado
  • Maki sushi with surimi + spring onion + cucumber
  • Maki Sushi with cucumber + avocado
  • Nigiri sushi with tuna
  • Nigiri sushi with salmon
  • Inari sushi

That’s it πŸ™‚ You can also have a vegetarian sushi party by using omelet, mushrooms, cucumber and such.