Cute Stamps from Cui

Kawaii Cute Handmade Stamps

I wrote about stamps from Memi the Rainbow and Ingela P Arrhenius last year. But apparently stamping is also hot in Japan. Nana from Cui Blog designs her own stamps and stickers. I love it how she photographs them with soft light and re-ment in the background.

Kawaii Cute Handmade Stamps Cat

Here Nana uses her cat stamp to create a cute card.

Kawaii Cute Handmade Stamps Bow

This bow might be my favorite because you could fill it with either colors or patterns. But the wand below is also pretty cute, since it only needs some silver or golden ink.

Kawaii Cute Handmade Stamps  Star

Kawaii Cute Handmade Stamps Banter

Oh yes bunting flags can brighten up any message and that merry go round stamp turned out pretty detailed as well.

Miki from Kawaii Shop Japan recently started selling these stamps from Cui in a limited edition. Check out Cui’s Instagram if you would like to see more stamps and her pastel colored craft room.