Remember the Snugglebumms?

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Being a kid from the 80’s, I still have fond memory’s of iconic characters such as My Little Pony, the Popples and Care Bears. Each Sunday morning I would turn on Sky Channel, eager to watch all those pastel colored adventures with my sister. Although I could appreciate the Transformers and He-man as well πŸ˜‰ One of the toys that I liked at the time where the SuggleBumms, also known as the TroelieWoelies (which is an equally weird name) in the Netherlands.

There was a whole family of these fluffy haired creatures. Mama and papa were probably the coolest as they would light up the dark when you ‘hugged’ them. The smaller Snugglebumms would ‘giggle’ (read: squeak) if you shook them. There were also a bunch of pets which didn’t have any special powers, other than that you could brush their hair. Which was good enough for me.


Recently -while cleaning up my computer- I discovered these Snugglebumm pictures and though it might be nice to share them. The Snugglebug above was known as Basil and he was often accompanied by Button, the other bee.


Cutely above and Fondly below where part of the first four kids to be released. I used to have Fondly, because she was purple, my favorite color.



Of course she had to have her own SnugglePet, so I picked Lucky the puppy.
I’ve scanned the SnuggleBumm booklets if you want to remember what they look like.

Which toy did you like best growing up?

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  1. I was born in 94 in the US but I got some of these toys as hand-me-downs! I never knew what they were called until now! Cool O:


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