Rilakkuma Recipes

Is it just me or does food with Rilakkuma seem to pop up everywhere, especially on Pinterest? In fact you could fill a whole day just eating Rilakkuma themed meals 😀 I’ve collected some of the best looking -and hopefully tasty- recipes:

Rilakkuma recipes

Rilakkuma Sweets

1. Chocolate Macarons — A cute video recipe by Alisa TokyoSelect.
4. Bunny Cookies — This is not actually a recipe, but the cookies look so pretty! Julia used Rilakkuma letterpaper, which she enlarged and printed as laminated patterns for the cookies. You could use adhesive plastic and place it over your printed paper to make it semi-laminated. I believe that she used edible markers to create the details (such as the mouth) and icing or marzipan for the base colors.
6. Ice Cream Sandwiches — As explained on Youtube by Hockie and her veeeery enthusiastic daughter ;). The cookie mold that she uses is from this cutter set ($2,95 ~Butterfly set).

Rilakkuma Lunch/Diner

2. Inari Sushi — Make Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma sushi with this Cookpad recipe from Momo.
3. Hamburger — This burger is such a clever find! It doesn’t come with a recipe, but I think it would be quite easy to turn a bun into Rilakkuma: use a sausage for the ears, cheese as mouth and nori for the face. A toothpick and washi tape could function as flag.
5. Character Bento with Sausages — A vegetarian sausage would also work -if you’re a flexitarian like me- to create an edible Rilakkuma on a lifesaver.

Also worth mentioning is this Rilakkuma Omurice. Omurice is an omelette made with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup.


Bonus picture: these sweets look real, but it’s a miniature set from Re-ment.

Which recipe would you like to try?