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The lasts posts mentioned Shoujo (Shojo) manga from the 60’s. Ever since Candy Candy was aired in Holland I’ve developed a soft spot for those huge sparkly eyes. So when I spotted the Tokyo Belle bag from Fiona Hewitt I just had to bring it home:


The cute music tin on the left is also from Wu & Wu, the (English) brand created by Fiona Hewitt and her husband Andy Tainton. While living in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, the couple visited a lot of flea markets and junk shops for inspiration. “Our products are a labour of love. Sought-out from lesser-known parts of Asia, we strive to personalize and re-create the sweet sentiment and attention to detail found in vintage Asian packaging design,” says Fiona Hewitt. “It is our hope that these products will make your life a little sweeter every time you use them.”


Kawaii Shoujo Wu & Wu Tins

The writing set and tins were sold a couple of years ago, but the tins are still available at some shops. The sugar tin is high on my wishlist ^_^
Recently Wu & Wu has released a new line of brightly colored kitchenware, with retro style illustrations of deers and girls. You might find it in (online) shops from the beginning of May.


This is officially a lunch box (with cute illustrations on the inside as well), but I think it would also serve to store trinkets or stationary.


The “cigar box tin” is slightly smaller than the lunch box and comes in three different designs.


And above some more items to brighten up your kitchen, such as a set of 3 nesting tins and tea tin (which is also comes in other designs as sugar & coffee tin).

At, you can see some of the products, but they are only available for vendors. Google is your friend if you want to find a reseller in your area :). Modcloth has sold the brand in the past and in the Netherlands you could try Tin Star Company or Mini and Maxi.

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