Kawaii Coloring for Adults


I ordered this vintage coloring book from Kawaii Shop Japan a couple of years ago. It’s filled with stickers and super happy images of girls in frilly dresses. Also look at the animals, notice that koala and the cat resembling Catootje? ❀



Turns out that coloring for adults is very hot at the moment, there are even dedicated books available, such as Secret Garden. It’s supposed to spark your creativity and to help de-stress. In my opinion time spend away from the computer is always good, since I’m glued to the screen for several hours a day. However I didn’t feel like coloring this vintage book, because it’s OOAK so I will try to scan it instead.


Luckily this Hiragana practise book was still lying around! I have to say that it felt a bit weird to start coloring again, after all those years. As you can see, I can use some practise ;). But I did find it relaxing, because you get to focus on a simple task.

Kawaii coloring adults

I’m planning on purchasing these shoujo manga style color books from J-box, and promise to take some pictures when they get here.

Feel like coloring yourself? Go ahead and check out my Pinterest board with printable color pages Ο†(^Ο‰^*)οΎ‰

3 thoughts on “Kawaii Coloring for Adults

  1. Colouring books for adults eh? Well, it’s not unusual for grown-ups to partake in in kid’s stuff such as cartoons and cosplay. :inlove: I have a set of high-quality pencils sitting around that I’d love to use for this.


  2. I feel that way too, when I think I have to spend some time away from the computer, or relieve stress arrangement always something to paint, but it will not always have something to paint around then, I think I should buy one of these. I like to paint then everything easier. You paint well, and great tip your pinterest, beautiful designs!


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