Shibuya’s Cute Penguins


Japanese illustrator Nozomi Shibuya -a.k.a. Shibuzo- has been working as a toy developer before she became a freelance illustrator. She likes fluffy animals with short limbs and I guess that’s why she draws all those chubby penguins.


She often pictures her penguins in colorful places being busy with anything but fishing.


And why not use penguins in combinations with lingerie? Heck, panties and bras even look good on them as head-wear.


The penguins can also be found on cute stationery, like notebooks, postcards and calendars.


Shibuya creates other cute animals as well, such as this cloudy sheep. Notice Pikachu flying in the background? She is a Pokemon fan.

Please check out Pixiv or the official website for more fluffy animals!

2 thoughts on “Shibuya’s Cute Penguins

  1. That “cloudy sheep” isn’t the artist’s creation, though. That’s Whimsicott, a Gen VI Pokemon. All the creatures in that last image are Pokemon! :yes:


    1. Ah thank you so much for the info Bernkastelle! I wasn’t aware of that, my Pokemon knowledge stops at the first batch of characters (⌒_⌒;)


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