Econeco: Cute Dolly Cosmetics


This week I saw the new Spring collection of a Japanese cosmetics brand called Econeco. They have just released eye make-up and lip gloss. I instantly liked the cute packaging and wanted to find out more about this brand.


Econeco Makeup is a collaboration between illustrator Econeco (pictured above) and Doshisha cosmetics. Econeco has worked for Hello Kitty and Parco, you can probably tell that she likes pastel colours and cute fashion. I really like her wonderland-styled illustrations.


It looks like Econeco uses natural ingredients in their cosmetics. Advocado oil is an ingredient of the skin powder and the blush contains grape seed oil, apple fruit extract and licorice root extract. So you could probably also use them safely if you have a sensitive skin. Blogger reviews of the Econeco blush and foundation sound promising. Sadly this brand is not for sale in Europe, but you could try your luck at StoreEnvy.

The new Dear Cats lip gloss is available in four colors, each style has got it’s own cat :3 From left to right: Myu (girly), Sara (Feminine), Nina (Mode), Rin (Mannish ?). I would pick Nina, because she’s a chubby Persian cat.


Econeco even collaborated with Little Twin Stars for products such as body lotion and nail stickers.
More eye candy can be found at Doshisha and Econeco land

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  1. Omg this is the cutest make up I have ever seen! Is there an online shop where you can buy it I’m in Australia :/


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