Pretty in Pink


While flipping through the new H&M Spring catalog, the pink skirt above just stood out. Apparently I was not the only person who though it was a wanna-have. It didn’t take long for this skirt to sell out, but I was lucky to grab one. Later I ordered the same skirt in black, along with a small cat bag (!) and this cute plushie. Oh and those flipflops are my favourites. I wore them everywhere during Summer last year, they are very comfortable because of the natural materials.


Actually I wanted to buy much more (>_<) Aaargh. My strategy is to make a wishlist and if I still want/need the item after 30 days (and if my bank account agrees) I can purchase it. This is a very good method, because I used to impulse buy. The mailman even knew me by name… From the list above I did order the Charlotte des Fleurs Blythe. She is the first release in about 2 years that I really, reaalllly wanted to have. It’s the pink poofy curled hair that won me over.


Look what we have here! Metin made a Pink Winged Unchikun (lucky poo) in 3D (^_^)b It’s slightly based on my country poo pixels. You can purchase this Holy Shit at Shapeways. It’s available in various materials, personally I would pick pastel coloured ceramics. If you are in need of a lot of luck, or just very rich, a gold version would be brilliant. I hope new cute items will follow, as we’ve got more ideas :).

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