Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings

Evan (who’s living in Singapore) has been baking almost daily since she purchased her first oven in 2005. Nowadays she even makes a living out of selling cute pastries. Luckily Evan also shares recipes on her blog, accompanied by mouth watering pictures.

Sweet Cute Food Evan's Kitchen

Rilakkuma Inarizushi. Evan shares a recipe of homemade tofu pouches, but they can also be bought at an (Asian) supermarket. You can fill the pouch with sushi rice and use nori, cheese & ham for the Rilakkuma face. I’m definitely gonna try this πŸ™‚
If you want a little more guidance, please have a look at this Rilakkuma Inarizushi DIY video

Sweet Cute Food Evan's Kitchen

Pierre HermΓ©’s Rose Macarons. To be honest I’ve only tasted macarons from a shop in Belgium and actually didn’t think too much of it. Granted they look very adorable and maybe homemade macarons taste better.

Sweet Cute Food Evan's Kitchen

Buckwheat Pancakes. This looks like a great and healthy alternative to regular pancakes β₯

Sweet Cute Food Evan's Kitchen

Polka-Dotted Roll Cake. IMHO roll cakes look amazing. I have got no idea how hard it is to make them, but Evan shares different recipes for roll cakes on her blog.

Sweet Cute Food Evan's Kitchen

Strawberry Mushipan. Mushipan is a Japanese egg-based steamed bun that uses baking powder to rise instead of yeast. This strawberry version looks very kawaii!


Pink Grapefruit Marmalade. Homemade marmalade tastes the best and who can resist the cute jar?

Visit Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings for more recipes or watch delicious pictures at Evan’s Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings

  1. HI! I have two separate comments- one, thanks for bringing this website to my attention! I’m always looking for cute things to make and eat and this one definitely fits the bill. I’ll be trying some of Evan’s recipes really soon :cake:

    My second comment is a little less relevant- I’m so glad I found you again! A zillion years ago, probably around the time you first opened this website, I found you and was instantly in love. I was obsessed with your adoptables and wallpapers. However, a lot of things happened- moves, lost/stolen computers, life and growing up- and I kind of forgot all about it… Then yesterday night I searched for something- Molang wallpapers- and I stumbled upon your website again. At first I didn’t realize where I was, I didn’t bother looking at the website name or anything, but then when I did I was so happy! I instantly remembered this was one of those websites that I used to love and given that my obsession for cute things has only matured and not left me at all I am currently enjoying surfing through all of the pages of your blog and discovering so many wonderful sites and things! I know it doesn’t make much difference, but to me, finding your website again was a little shot of joy and nostalgia in an otherwise bleak life, so I thank you for continuing to post and keeping it open for everyone.

    Gaby :heart:


    1. Dear Gaby, thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I felt really moved by your words ❀
      I'm glad that you found kao-ani again still enjoy visiting it.

      Your comment made me think of this quote: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
      I think some people will always be a child at heart and you should cherish that.

      ~All the best (*^β–½^*)


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