Little Twin Stars x Care Bears

Back in the days I adored the Twin Stars (created in 1975, the same years as Hello Kitty) and Care Bears (1982). So I was delighted to hear that they will team up!


In 2014 these cute characters will use a cloud-making machine to create ‘cloud bears’. Cloud bears are a mix between the Care Bears and Little Twin Stars style and I think both themes go well together. The pastel colored bears are very fairy kei ^_^



Below you can see the first Cloud Bears / Sky Buddy merchandise, they will go on pre-sale during a special exhibition at Parco in April. The exhibiton will show the history of both characters, as well as some of the new merchandise. Also there’s a special Kiki & lala colaboration menu in the Parco cafe & diner.


These are the official Japanese websites: Care Bears and Little Twin Stars.
And if you like 80’s pictures, please visit my Care Bears Flickr set with scanned images.

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