Sushi Art

Personally I think rolling large maki sushi can be quite challenging. But there are people who take the art of rolling sushi a step higher. They use colours, vegetables and nori to create sushi art. It looks amazing, and I wonder how they manage to come up with these ideas.

Cute Kawaii Sushi Art Book

Cute Kawaii Sushi Art Book

Ken Kawasumi -a well known sushi artist in Japan- wrote the instruction book above. If you’re curious to see how it works, I can really recommend this video about creating panda sushi art.

Cute Kawaii Sushi Panda


The globe below has been created by Takayo Kiota. She has been creating sushi art since 2005 and often uses real art (sush as the Mona Lisa) for inspiration. You can find more creations on her Facebook page.



At Little Miss Bento you can find a couple of (English) sushi art recipes. Although I think it would be best to start with something simple, instead of a complete Hello Kitty. The sushi she makes is certainly eye candy ^_^

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  1. ❀ Love this post so much. If I had patience I would create Bento maybe someday when I have children and kawaii up their lunchboxes.


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