Kawaii Webcomics – Part 2

I always enjoy reading webcomics during my lunchbreak, so please let me know if you’ve got recommendations as well 🙂 You find part 1 over here.

kawaii webcomic

Cinnamonseries is a cute webcomic from Viviane Kohl.

Cute Webcomic - Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll makes comics about her life, items, words and last but not least pugs.


Cats VS Humans is especially funny if you have cats yourself, a lots of the comics hit home with me 🙂


Liz Climo draws sweet and funny comics with animals.

Another webcomic worth mentioning (thank you Kathrin!) is My Korean Husband. It shows how cultural and language differences can play a part in mixed marriages, often resulting in funny situations.

2 thoughts on “Kawaii Webcomics – Part 2

  1. Can I be super cheeky and recommend my own comic?? :blush: It’s Giggles at gigglescomic.com. It’s a comic based on the antics of my sisters and I ~ where cute + cupcakes = fun! (>_<):cake::heart::yes:


  2. p.s. ~ Thanks for all the other comics to check out! :heart: I read Cat vs Human even though I dont have a cat…. It reminds me somewhat of my kids. :p


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