Cute Flat Design Websites

Maybe you’ve heard of flat design, it’s the buzzword for 2013 & 2014. It basically means that the interface of a website or app is minimalistic, with focus on the content. There’s room for nice color-palettes and icons, but shadows, patterns and shiny effects will hardly be used. Honestly I came to like this approach of designing and I’m going to see if I can give an update as well. Also I would really like to make my website responsive, so it’s easier for you to watch it on a mobile device.

These are some of the sites/designs that I find inspiring.

Cute Flat Website Webdesign

At We ❤ Trees you can create/plant your own virtual tree, mine is the third on the left above.

Cute Flat Website Webdesign

Dumb Ways To Die started out as a catchy song and is now also available as game.

Cute Flat Website Webdesign

As far as I can tell Pictocuentos makes applications with images/icons for people who have difficulties with spoken language. I really like their illustrations.

Cute Flat Website Webdesign

Every Last Drop is a one page website with nice HTML5 animations, scroll down to see it.

Cute Flat Website Webdesign HTML5

In this cute browser game you have to move Babbit up and down to catch as many carrots as you can, before you get blown to smithereens by the farmer’s dynamite.


Robby Leonardi presents his resume in this smart, game-like website.

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  1. I love Dumb Ways to Die. I always die at the red button though. I just can’t keep myself from pressing the huge red button. xDD


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