Belated Birthday Presents

Last week I met up with friends. Somehow all our birthdays occur in September and October, so we decided to exchange gifts. Which is awesome, because we all have a thing for kawaii stationery. The pressies were so cute that I decided to dedicate a random blog post to it. I’m sorry for the slightly crappy pictures, it’s stormy weather over here and so so d a r k (-_-)

While Yasmin force-fed 😉 us the nicest homemade chocolate (unsalty) balls we unpacked the gift bags. Accompanied by some squeeing. And a lot of talking.


Yasmin gifted the cutest stickers, jelly fish and Choo Choo cards and notes. Notice how the card resembles Catootje :3 You can probably tell that South Korea is one of her favorite destinations.



Maaike recently returned from a trip to Japan and brought me all these cute items and Swimmer(!) goodies. They are all so sweet and I’m sure that the Alpaca brush will come in handy to remove a zillion cat hairs from my clothes.


The lovely stationery above is a gift from Irene, who’s currently working in China as an English teacher. She sent us a package filled with goodies. Luckily -thanks to Skype- we were able to stalk her for a good 2 hours during the meet 🙂


This Aloha Re-ment set was a gift from a Kanae, Maaike visited her in Japan and brought it along. Kawaii desu ne?!

Thank you girls for the lovely day and gifts, your rock ^_^

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