Cute Stationery: Sweet Sunday Shop

Today it’s time for part 2 of the Sweet Sunday Shop review, I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Part 1 with an introduction and cute Christmas stationery can be found here.

Cute Korean Cat Diary Stickers

First I want to introduce you to this cute korean cat sticker set ($6.50). The set comes nicely packed and includes 6 sheets filled with playful cats.




The stickers are transparant (and cut-out) so you can use them for many purposes, like spicing up your diary or snailmail. I’ve tested a small sticker to see how it came of, that worked well, it didn’t tear and looks durable ^_^.



See these tiny square stickers? They are often used in Asian stickers and are especially handy to display feelings or for recurring events (like a payday).

This set is no longer available, but you might also like the French Bonjour sticker set ($4.95)

Choo Choo postcards

D’ahw, who doesn’t appreciate cute Korean Choo Choo cat cards? They even have got a white odd-eyed cat which looks just like Catootje :3. These postcards come individually packed in plastic and I’m sure that they can brighten up anyone’s day. The cards are sturdy, well-printed and on the back you’ll find lines for the address and white space for your message. The Sweet Sunday Shop will send you a set of 6 (for $3.80).



What better to write the cards with than these cute pens? I’ve tested the Choo Choo pen, which writes in a dark blue (see the post-it below). Personally I love having cute pens and pencils around, especially during work.


Cute Post-its

Another cute Choo Choo cat item! I just can’t resist this sweet look. Both post-it sets look very nice and of good quality. The ice cream post-its are smart: you get to stick it in two layers so you can write a special (secret) message covered by the top ice-cone. They are available in two ‘flavours’ and with Choo Choo, there are 5 designs to choose from.




Korean Cat Stamps

Yay for whimsical Korean cat stamps ($4.50)! This sets comes with 4 small stamps, including a red colored inkpad and there are 2 sets to choose from. As you can see the stamps are attached with (I guess) double sided tape to the wooden block and they curled a bit at the edges. But putting some pressure to them quickly solved that problem. The stamps are very detailed and I think the designs are awesome.



This stamp is officially approved:


Kawaii Bunny Stickers

I haven’t tested these bunny stickers ($1.80), but they look good. You could use them to decorate gifts or to seal envelopes.


That’s it, I hope you like the cute items from Sweet Sunday Shop!