Kawaii Christmas Cards & Stickers: Sweet Sunday Shop

Recently Kathrin asked me to write a review of the super cute items which she sells in her online shop called Sweet Sunday. Today I’m starting with an introduction of her shop and a review of kawaii Christmas stationery.

My name is Kathrin and I recently opened Sweet Sunday; a little online shop that sells cute stationery items, accessories and craft supplies. I collect stationery and love having kawaii pens, calendars and notebooks on my desk. I especially like Korean stationery, stickers and little cellophane cookie bags. But one day I became frustrated by how hard it was to find local shops with cute stationery and craft supplies where I live in Australia. So I spent many hours researching and planning and finally came up with Sweet Sunday! I started off selling these cute items at the local markets. My stall was so popular there and I was always selling out of stock! So eventually I took the plunge and decided to open an online shop as well.

I have so much fun finding all the items that you see on Sweet Sunday and I am so happy that I can help people to collect cute things too! I really care about all my customers and take care in packing and sending every single package. I happily ship to anywhere in world and you can securely pay for your order through Paypal (even without a Paypal account). I hope that you like my little shop.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or any suggestions for items you would like to see more of at Sweet Sunday.


All the Christmas items arrived nicely packed in this sweet cellophane bag!

Kawaii Christmas Cards

First I started unpacking the Korean Christmas cards (designed by Gunmangzeung)


As you can see the package contains 10 envelopes, 10 cards and one sticker sheet. I folded the card backwards, but you can also fold it in front so it will look like the bear is holding the letter. In fact I think that’s how the card supposed to look, but sometimes my brain malfuntions… Both sides of the die-cut cards are printed, with room for your own personal message.



What I really like are the kawaii illustrations on the card, even though they are Christmas themed, they are different from the ones which you usually see in shops. You can send them in the included matching envelopes, which can be sealed with the stamp-shaped stickers.



The cards are sturdy enough, personally I like even thicker paper, but this makes them more flexible and easier to fold in different directions. You can buy the complete set for $5.50, which I think is a very decent price. All the designs can be seen in the Christmas section (at the moment they aren’t for sale).

Cute Christmas present stickers

Next up are these sweet package stickers featuring santa and a typical Korean/Japanese snowman. Did you ever notice that they have special hats? These are a great to personalize your wrapped presents or to decorate you cards with.



The kawaii christmas stickers are of good quality, very sturdy and glossy ^_^.

Paper Doll Mate Desk Calendar

This mini desk calendar from Paper Doll Mate would make a lovely Chistmas or New Year’s gift.

Cute Paper Doll Mate Desk Calendar

It starts at December 2013 and ends at December (31st) 2014. Each month features a different pastel colored background with Paper Doll illustration. The calendar is spiral bound with a cardboard base so that you can stand it on your desk or bookshelf. The pages are slightly glossy and made of thick paper, all in all a very good buy at $4.50.

Cute Paper Doll Mate Desk Calendar

Cute Paper Doll Mate Desk Calendar

The ducky pen and the ice bear notebook are also from Sweet Sunday. In fact Kathrin sent me so many cute items that I will do an additional review later this week. I hope you’ve got some Christmas shopping ideas now ^_^.


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