Kawaii Jewelry Shop Update

The Kawaii Jewelry Shop has been updated with new necklaces and rings during the past week. I hope that you like the new items, I surely had fun making them. Next on my to do list is creating pendants with Fimo and 3D printing (< luckily Metin is a 3D wizard).

Kawaii Jewelry Shop - Donut Dog Necklace

Kawaii Donut Dog Necklace – sweet but low in calories

Kawaii Jewelry Shop - Fairy Kei Alpaca Necklace

Alpaca Necklace – to express your Alpaca love

Kawaii Jewelry Shop - MLP Princess Cadance Necklace

A My Little Pony Necklace – also nice for non-bronies

Kawaii Jewelry Shop - Fairy Kei Sugarbunnies Necklace

His sister bunnies are also available as necklaces.

Kawaii Jewelry Shop - Winged Heart Ring

A sparkly winged heart ring (I might need one of these myself :))

There are also a few new Takochu necklaces. What kind of items or pendants would you like to see in the shop?

2 thoughts on “Kawaii Jewelry Shop Update

  1. I am a big bracelet fan, so if you can make some kawaii bracelets, that would be the best thing ever! :heart::coffee::wow:?:-):yes::donut::cake:


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