Cute Kitchenware by Camila Prada

Years ago Tado tweeted that they had bought several items at Camila Prada. I’ve kept an eye on her cute ceramic creations ever since. So when I received Camila’s newsletter saying that the Sample Sale had started, I clicked on some of the items like a madman and was high on adrenaline when confirming the payment. Woohoo, sometimes impulse shopping is so worth it.

This is what arrived at my door (well packed in layers of bubble plastic < which alone will keep me entertained for days ;)):

Camila Prada Cute Kitchenware

Blue Birdie is a very rare creature, only one of her has been made, since the (awesome) flower pattern was difficult to apply. She will be cherised ^^
Her brother called Birdie Teacup is still available and comes with a lovely designed saucer.

Camila Prada Cute Kitchenware

Along with the teacup I bought two sugar dispensers. Actually I don’t need two, but I though I could use one as a gift for a friend. Only I don’t know which one to keep, they are both so cute… *firstworldproblems*

Sweet Mommy on the left is slightly larger (and somehow also a little lighter) than Sweet Talker. She’s a collaboration with illustrator PiktoramaΒ and only 50 pieces of here have been made.
Note the sweet tail at the back.

Camila Prada Cute Kitchenware

Camila Prada Cute Kitchenware

Sweet Talker -who goes perfectly with my Blythe mugs- looks a bit more outspoken, his colours are a tad brighter.

Camila Prada Sweet Talker

The colours of my pictures are a bit washed out, that’s because it’s been raining cats and dogs for days now 😦 Oh well, the perfect time to drink tea from a birdie cup!

Which one do you like best?

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