Molang Desktop Wallpaper

As you might have noticed I’ve got a soft spot for Molang. I decided to make a couple of cute Molang desktop wallpapers, you can download them in 1920x1200px by clicking the pictures below:

Molang Cute Korean Bunny Wallpaper

Molang Cute Korean BunnyDesktop  Wallpaper

More Molang Desktop Wallpapers

Still craving for more? The Chinese website offers 37 pages (!) worth of Molang wallpapers, the page numbers are displayed under the thumbnails. You’ve got to be patient though, the site is a bit slow to load.

Molang Cute Korean Bunny Wallpaper

Raviefille Molang Freebies

Raviefille is a Korean website which offers really nice Molang freebies. I’d advise you to just click around a bit if your Korean is as poor as mine 😉 The freebies are well worth it and you get to download them by clicking on the pictures. I’ve picked some of the cutest downloads for you:

Molang Cute Korean Bunny iPhone Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Mobile phone wallpaper (720x1280px) featuring Molang celebrating Pepero Day. Pepero Day is held on November 11 in Korea, when friends and loved-ones exchange Pepero snacks (cookie sticks covered in chocolate).

Cute Molang iPhone Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Apparently Molang is also a fan of fresh icecream ^_^, these wallpapers are available for your mobile phone (720x1280px) and desktop (1920x1080px).

Molang Cute Korean Bunny Timetable Schedule

Sweet timetables and schedules to plan your day or study schedule.

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