Kawaii Kitchen Week – My Collection

Thanks to a blog post from Yvonne about a Shinzi Katoh apple container with worm-shaped chopstick rests, I got hooked to kawaii kitchenware about 6 years ago. Whenever I see something useful with kawaii characters or faces on it, I just have to bring it home. Using or displaying these cute kitchen items really can really brighten up my day.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Japan Zakka Decole Sanrio Cram Cream

Shinzi Katoh water bottle (this always goes with me during daytrips) and cute kawaii apple bento containers. I’ve purchased these at eBay, but you can also find the apple items at Modes4u.

Decole Cute Kawaii Kitchenware Zakka Japan

Decole might be my favorite kitchenware brand. They manage to combine simple shapes with the cutest colours and prints. Some of these items come from eBay, others where purchased at Yahoo Japan (using a service like ShoppingMallJapan)

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Japan Zakka Decole Mushroom

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Japan Zakka Sanrio Hello Kitty My Melody

My Melody and Hello Kitty have got a sentimental value to me πŸ˜‰ I got these from Wah Kiu and Tout-mignon.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Japan Zakka Decole Soap Dispenser

The deer soap dispenser is similar to that of Prime Nakumara, but it has got a ‘Vice Versa’ mark on it’s behind. The mushroom soap dispenser is from Decole.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Japan Zakka Cram Cream

Cram Cream is another Japanese brand that makes great kawaii items, like the bento box on the left. You might think that the Cake Tissue paper holder is from Gladee, but it’s from an unknown brand, purchased at JanetStore.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Japan Zakka Paperchase

If you’re looking for cute kitchenware in Europe, I can also advice Artbox, Paperchase and Wu&Wu.

Kawaii Cute Kitchen Japan Zakka Blythe Mugs

These adorable Blythe mugs were given to me by a friend for my birthday. They go along great with my Blythes and other kitchenware, such as the Roporopo mugs.

I hope you liked this week! I’m planning on doing posts about bento items and cute recipes in the nearby future.

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