Kawaii Kitchen Week – Gladee

Gladee is a Japanese company which originally started selling ceramics in 1991. Later other products where added, such as plush, pouches and bags. The name is made up of the words ‘Glad’ and ‘ee’, which sounds like good (いい) in Japanese.

Their company policy is awesome:

To create products which stir one’s emotions.
To create products which enriches one’s mind.
To always make products that will touch one’s heart.

The items from Gladee are often shaped as food, with characteristic smiley faces on them.


Gladee Japan Cute Kawaii Kitchenware

Gladee Japan Cute Kawaii Kitchenware

Gladee Japan kawaii mugs

Gladee Japan Kawaii lunchbox

Official website: www.gladlygladee.com
Where to buy: Fab US, PygMyHippo

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