Kawaii Kitchen Week – Karel Capek

Utako Yamada is a Tokyo-based illustrator and children’s book author who has created a chain of teatime shops called Karel Capek. The name Karel Capek is kind of random since he’s a Czech writer who invented the term “robot”. The characters are very cute and remind me a bit of illustrations from Shinzi Katoh. Sadly these products are difficult to get when you don’t live in Japan.



At Karel Capek you can buy many tea flavours in cute illustrated packages, but also kitchenware like mugs, teapots and tins.



Official website: karelcapek.co.jp
Where to Buy: Rakuten and HLJ (plush items) | Recommended: The Carel Capek Flickr group

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  1. I absolutely love the Kawaii kitchen week posts! I am kawaiing up my kitchen little by little mainly by things that I end up finding locally. Those posts have been really inspirarational. =)


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