Kawaii Kitchen Week – Prime Nakamura

Since there’s a day and week for nearly everything I thought why not make up a special event? So this week it’s Kawaii Kitchen week on Kao-ani ^^. I’ll show you my favourite Japanese kitchenware brands and during the weekend you can expect some pictures of my own collection. This collection was not intentional at all actually, one day I heard about Decole and things went downhills from then on πŸ˜‰

The first brand I want to introduce you to is Prime Nakamura, they make kitchenware, interior items and the ever so cute Puchi Babie Deer. The Nikyoro line is known for it’s faces, use of French words and bright colours. Somehow I’m very fond of faces on products…

Prime Nakamura Puchi babie Deer Soap Dispenser

This Puchie Deer Soap Dispenser is so adorable. I have got two of the yellow ones, which I bought at a Dutch gift shop (in Utrecht). They brightened up the kitchen and toilet, but to be honest I got a bit tired of refilling them.

Prime Nakamura Kawaii Kitchenware

Prime Nakamura Kawaii Kitchenware

Bento boxes shapped like animals and a loaf of bread. The loaf used to be sold in many other colours, but I think the product is retired now.

Prime Nakamura Kawaii Kitchenware

More bento boxes from the Nikyoro line, the French says something like: “Hello, how are you doing?”

Official website: www.prime-n.com
Where to buy: Modes4U, Japanese Gift Market, Urbanities (AU), Amazon, eBay

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