Throwback Thursday: Barunson

Sorry for the lack of updates this week (>_<). We planned a little renovation of our house, to finally make it winter proof. As usual with these sort of things it took a little longer than expected and there were some technical problems. Luckily my dad is very good with electrical circuits -yay- and eventually (read: after unplugging every device) we figured out that the dishwasher had died on us. Metin and I ended up romantically doing the dishes together by hand today ^_^ On a brighter note the house is much better isolated now, so my fingers are no longer freezing off when typing an update, woohoo!

On to Throwback Thursday, today I want to introduce you to Barunson. It’s a Korean Company that makes cute stationery and was especially popular about a decade ago. You might remember it from characters such as Penn-Penn, Cafe Pupu, Mini Valley and Sleeping Co. At the time Barunson offered freebies like wallpapers and printables on their website.

Barunson Sleepy Co


The characters were accompanied by great expressions such as: ‘I wanna tell sweet stories to everyone who wishes to have sweet dreams’. The Penguin Penn-Penn tops it of with: ‘Although you’re dull and stupid you’re my best friend.’

Barunson Penn-Penn

Barunson Mini Valley

The Barunson website is still online and you can find more cute pictures by clicking on the characters menu-item. As far as I could tell there’s a Barunson shop in Gangnam (yes from Gangnam style :D).

I’ve placed some of the old cute Barunson letterpaper printables in a zip file for you to enjoy.