Throwback Thursday: Deery Lou

Deery-Lou from Sanrio made his first appearance in 2002. Despite the fact that he looks like a deer in the headlights (pun intended) and has only got about 4 different poses, I adored the fawn at the time. Probably because he looks so retro :).

Deery Lou Sanrio

Deery-Lou lives happily with his friends in the Rainbow Forest. He spends his time playing in the sun, chasing butterflies and making new friends (Queeny Lou and Beary Lou)! When he’s really happy or having fun he always swings his tail like a helicopter.

Deery Lou Sanrio

I especially liked Queeny Lou (the swan) and I remember that there also was a bunny in Deery-Lou style. Bonus points if you know her name :p. You can download a Deery-Lou desktop background at the wallpaper section.

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