Throwback Thursday: Pucca

I think that I first heard of Pucca around 2003, the simple lines and cute drawings of this Chinese girl instantly won me over. When merchandise of Pucca arrived in the Netherlands, I just had to get a bag, postcards, stationary and whatnot. She gained more popularity over the years and even had her own TV Show. Vooz -the Korean company that created Pucca- is still going strong. Recently they’ve released a Pucca and Friends app for iPad/iPhone and Android devices.

Pucca Vooz Funny Love Story Kawaii


Pucca is the sweet daughter of a Chinese restaurant. She is crazy for zazang (Korean black noodles), and is madly in love with Garu. Pucca always has a sweet smile and round bread hairstyle. She is always a tomboy and hopefully her chopstick dance will win over Garu’s heart some day.

GaruGaru is a descendant of ninja. His life goal is the reconstruction of his family’s name, but since Pucca has pointed him out as her lover, he is distracted by her. Family or Love? That is the problem.

MioMio is Garu’s pet. Mio always follow Garu into action. His eye’s pupils are like the hands of a clock. You will know what time it is by Mio’s eyes.


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3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Pucca

  1. Very cute! I used to like Pucca and watch their cartoon but I lost track of it…since there are SO many cute stuffs online ^^:inlove:

    BTW, I want to thank you for linking my Pom Pom Alpacasso tutorial on your site! Also a review on Alpacasso plush (Ruru Victoria). I was shocked and very happy!!:heart:

    Thank you SO much ^^


    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I didn’t know that you were also the owner of Ruru Victoria, that’s such a nice Alpacasso shop ^_^


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