Throwback Thursday: Yum Pop

Remember the cute characters from Yum Pop? Designer Noel Tolentino first drew Funny Bunny in the mid-’90s for a line of stationery as an artistic exercise in minimum lines. Other characters joined Funny Bunny and in 2000 Yum Pop was extablished by Cosmic Debris, who also represented Oopsy Daisy (loved her) and Emily Strange. Their colorful characters were an American take on the Japanese โ€œculture of cuteโ€. They sold items such as t-shirts, accessories, stationery and jewelry.

Yum Pop Cosmic Debris

The Yum Pop website was particulalrly poplular around 2003 and 2004. I remember pixeling a complete Yum Pop theme for back then. Next to a shop you could use the website to download wallpapers, play (pixel) games and to participate in a forum.

This was the official text on the website, I guess they liked using rhyme and exclamation marks:

Sugar and spice and everything nice-that’s what Yum Pop is all about! Yum Pop is hip, fun, and aboslutelt adorable. Smart and Sassy, with a colorful twist, the super cute world of Yum Pop is hard to resist!

So step right in and don’t be shy. Our delightful friends will show you why… Ping Pong Panda is oh so cuddly, with nothing but hugs he’s you best buddy! Then there’s Funny Bunny, so fluffy and sweet and she can’t be beat! Out of the jungle and into your heart is Teeter Totter Tiger doing his part. Hip hop don’t stop with Fab 5 Froggy, who swings to a different groove with his breakdance moves! Meet Polar Barry who lives where it’s cold, he’s one big warm fuzzy or so we are told! And of course, there’s fresh and funky DJ Biz Monkey, whose mixing and scratching gets toes tapping and hands clapping!


Yum Pop Wallpaper Cute

I believe that the Yum Pop website disappeared a couple of years ago and they relaunched the three main characters with a younger look. ‘Fun Food Groups’ was one of the themes I liked best. One of the illustrators who made that theme has launched her own brand called I heart Guts

Give peas a chance


Feeling nostalgic? I’ve placed two of the old Yump Pop Wallpapers on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Yum Pop

  1. I actually have a snowboard with all the Yum Pop Characters on it!
    I had purchased it YEARS ago from someone. It was used once by them only & I never had a chance to use just due to different circumstances. Now I deal with vertigo and was contemplating selling it… but idk?!?!
    I think there where so few made! Plus this one has been bagged all this time… TOTALLY display worthy. There’s gotta be a collector out there somewhere, right?! ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. Thank you for your comment Charity! It’s so nice that you still have a Yum Pop snowboard, you should display it ๐Ÿ˜€


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