Show and Tell

I thought it would be nice to give regular readers of a little spotlight. Especially since I really enjoy reading your comments and occasional e-mails. That’s what keeps me going in updating regularly!

My desk in 2009

If your website isn’t mentioned this time and you would like to promote it, please leave a comment below and tell all about your domain πŸ™‚

Beyond Eternal
Euri blogs about her personal life, but also about music, fashion, games, otaku related subjects and so much more ^_^
A personal website in Dutch from Dhini, about her family, daily life and beauty with lovely pictures. She’s been visiting for a very long time now πŸ™‚

Ice Pandora
Mei a.k.a. Ice Pandora writes about daily life, tutorials, food, art & photography. She integrates a lot of beautiful pictures into her posts (it makes me want to travel and eat).

Oh So Kawaii
On Sarah’s kawaii site you can read about her personal life, which involves a lot of cuteness and pink πŸ˜€

The Doll Underground
Sophiebot blogs about kawaii findings in PanamΓ‘, I think she might be slightly addicted to Animal Crossing πŸ˜‰

This is a Dutch website, where Toadette writes about her crafts, tutorials and cute shops.

8 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Thank you for this cute website & calendars & clocks but 2 of your calendars that has clock on it has the wrong time on it.


  2. wat lief! Dank je wel! I love your site, your pictures and your lovely cute things :heart::heart:

    Die Ice Pandora ken ik en ze maakt cute things with klei ofzo


  3. Thank you so much for the link ^_^ That was super lovely of you! I was wondering why my site hits just went through the roof πŸ˜›


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