Animal Donuts from Japan

These Japanese Animal donuts are sugary sweet. They are the creation of a woman named Ikumi Nakao, who developed them while working at a bakery in Kansai called Floresta.

When Ikumi posted pictures of her creations on Twitter they soon went viral. She decided to launch her own shop, called Ikumimama. The earliest donuts where shaped like a cat, which is still the most popular version and now there are over 35 different donuts to choose from. During special occasions the shop will sell limited edition donuts. You can also buy a special animal donut cake for an anniversary!

Cute and kawaii animal Donuts

Cute and kawaii animal Donuts

The donuts are made with fresh ingredients and a special fry method so that they’ll stay crispy for a while, even if you buy them frozen. Because their faces are handmade with chocolate, all expressions are slightly different πŸ™‚

Japanese animal Donuts

Summer animal donuts

Cute cats and Gloomy Bear donuts fresh from the oven, I love that strawberry touch:

Strawberry cat donuts

Gloomy Bear Donuts

Cute and kawaii animal Donuts

If you aren’t in Japan any time soon or would like to spare your teeth, you might also like to check out the Donyatsu website or these doughnut charms from Tofu Cute.

Animal Donuts Charms


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