Hello Kitty Carnival & Cafe Games

Recently Hello Kitty Carnival appeared in the App Store. I’ve played it for a while and it is a simple, but enjoyable game. The gameplay is pretty similar to that of Hello Kitty Cafe.

Throughout the day customers will arrive at your park and you take (drag) them to their prefered activity. If a customer has to wait for too long he/she will get angry and leave. But if you do well, you will earn coins, points and new attractions. Sometimes a VIP comes along -related to Hello Kitty- like Daddy George or Mommy Marry. If they arrive just drop the rest and take care of them first, they will pay big buck$. With your earnings you can upgrade your park or ‘purchase’ extra characters to help out. In my case I got Kiki from the Little Twin Stars.

Hello Kitty Carnival Game

Hello Kitty Carnival is free and you could play it without in-app purchases. Download the game for iPhone/iPad or Android

Hello Kitty Carnival Game

While I enjoyed playing HK Carnival I prefer HK cafe, because this game is a bit more challenging. You also have to prepare the meals before you can help out the guests, which makes it much harder too serve everyone on time.

Hello Kitty Cafe Game Phone


Tip: click the round icon. This way you can spin a wheel (one turn for each day) to earn extra coins and hearts.

Hello Kitty Cafe Game Phone

A lot of impatient customers… again ;). Download Hello Kitty Cafe for iPhone/iPad or Android.

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