Rilakkuma Wonderland

Sometimes my brain goes into overdrive and I start to obsess over something. I’m not sure if this is entirely normal, but my obsessions of this week are: cookie cutters, chocolate molds and the Rilakkuma Wonderland items.

Rilakkuma Merry Go Round

Because Rilakkuma already exists for 10 years (!) San-x has released new items -based on a fair and fanfare theme- in a limited edition. I haven’t been able to find the merry go round box for sale yet and I NEED ONE (sorry that was my lizzard brain talking):

Rilakkuma Wonderland

The plush, clips and stationery are hella cute as well:

Rilakkuma Wonderland Plush

I hope Modes4U will sell them, but so far I’ve only seen the new items on eBay.
If you don’t want to make your wallet cry, you could download the Rilakkuma Wonderland wallpaper or watch the short movie.

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