Simple DIY Washi Tape Holder

Since I hoarded quite a stack of Washi Tape in a matter of time, I was looking for a simple way to store them. I saw some holders on the web and made my own simple (read: lazy) interpretation.

DIY Washi tape Holder Cute

  • You will need:
  • An empty plastic wrap/saran wrap/foil box
  • Wrapping paper (the thicker glossy kind, also used for book wrapping)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue

DIY Washi tape Holder Tutorial

  1. Cut off the top of the box and remove the tube and cutter-edge, you’ll use those later.
  2. Cut out the wrapping paper, make sure you’ll leave enough space to cover the insides of the box as well.
  3. Wrap the paper over one side of the box and cover part of the inside (till the middle). Make a cuton both corners, so you can fold the paper over. Use a little washi tape to keep it in place.
  4. Roll the box over until the other side, make sure you press it tightly against the paper. You could also use a little glue at this stage. Draw lines at the two corners and cut them out, fold the paper inside the box and glue it down.
  5. The remaining sides of the paper have to be trimmed down a bit as pictured above. You can fold the smaller sides first, glue them down and fold&glue the large piece over to the inside.
  6. Glue the cutter-edge back into the box, make sure it sticks out enough. At the back of the cutter-edge you can place some matching washi tape.
    The original foil tube was a little too wide so I made a horizontal cut and wrapped it a bit tighter.

DIY Washi tape Holder Cute

Color coordinate πŸ˜‰ your tapes, place them on the tube and you’ve got a nice holder for on your desk.

The tapes used in my pictures are from MT and the Dutch shops Wibra and Hema (which offers 15%-20% discount coupons this week :)) Other nice shops to buy Washi tape from are: My Kimchi 4U, Kawaii Shop Japan and Kawaii Stickers 4you

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4 thoughts on “Simple DIY Washi Tape Holder

    1. Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy making it πŸ™‚
      I’ve noticed that it might be better to use an aluminium/metallic cutter-edge, the plastic one I’ve got isn’t very sharp.


    1. Thanks! I used the original foil tube/rod and made horizontal cut to wrap it a bit tighter, so the tapes would fit.


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