Mofu Mofu – The Tiny Alien

I stumbled upon this cute character called Mofu while browsing around and instantly liked the illustrations. The animations are very simple and probably aimed at little girls, but I thought it was worthwile sharing.

Mofu Mofu - cute Japanese alien

From left to right the characters are: Mofu, Maron, Mimi, Momo and Buramofu

Mofu Mofu - cute Japanese alien

Meru & Miru at a Mofu UFO catcher

Mofu Mofu Freebies

You can watch a couple of (Japanese) Mofu Mofu animations on the Youtube Channel. The official website offers some cute downloads, like wallpaper patterns (click on the light green button).

Mofu Mofu - cute Japanese alien

A cute online mini game (based on the classic Breakout game) can be played here.


Other Mofu Mofu freebies can be found at the blog, check out these wallpapers from Momo & Mofu (scroll down a bit) and this printable timetable.

Illustrator Vitamin+Chi

Chii made the cute illustrations for Mofu Mofu, I haven’t found more information about her, but you can check out her website. She’s also responsible for these characters:

Vita Chi - Illustrator Mofu Mofu

Vita Chi - Illustrator Mofu Mofu

The complete animation is available at Youtube.

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