Molang Plush and Diary Planner Review

As you might have read in the previous post, the Korean Shop My Kimchi 4U (update 2019: this shop no longer exists) kindly offered to sponsor This means I will be able to write reviews about cute items from time to time 🙂 Since Kim and I both like Molang he’s the first character to get reviewed.

Molang Bunny Plush

Molang is available as a plush in 3 different sizes, the medium one (about 25cm) made it to my home. He arrived in a plastic transparent wrap and it didn’t take me long to unwrap him. I mean look at him, who could resist?

There’s a little card attached to his paw with a hologram sticker from Feelbug and the following text:
Molang and the pretty daily life
It’s a nice sunny day.
Do not stay in the room.
Let’s go play. Let’s go play.
Not very profound, but I like simple feelgood messages like these. On the inside of the card there’s some product information in Korean.

The fabric of the plush has a very soft touch to it, while Molang himself feels sturdy. This means he will stay in shape (in his usual round shape that is 🙂 guess who’s been munching on too many strawberries…) The eyes and mouth are embroidered on and his cheecks look like they’re sprayed on in a soft pink. Oh, and on the back he’s got a cute round tail. All in all the plush looks very well made and endurable. I prefer the medium sized Molang, but I think the smaller size of about 13cm would be great to carry around in your purse. And if you need a lot of Molang to hug, the large one of 41cm (!) would absolutely do the trick.

My Kimchi 4U just updated the website with a new line of sweet Molang plushes who are dressed up as a clown, bee or strawberry.

Molang Diary Planner

The second Molang item that arrived was a Diary planner! It’s an undated weekly planner, which means you fill out the dates yourself and can start at any given month.
I like the fact that the planner is ring bound, since I find it easier to write like this. The measurements are about 19 x 13,5 cm (7,4 x 5,3 inches).

Molang Diary Planner

The planner comes with a set of 3 awesome transparent dairy sticker sheets. Featuring Molang himself, everday items, numbers and expressions.

Molang Diary Planner

At the back of the planner you can fill out some personal data. The only downside is that the text is in Korean, but you could use the lines for your address or oher info you’d like to share.

Molang Diary Planner

Each week has got it’s own page with a cute illustration on top. On the other sideof the week page there’s a lined page for notes with Molang at the bottom.

Molang Diary Planner

The diary has got a monthly planner as well, followed by five weekly pages. You can colour in the corresponding month number. The pages are quite neutral which leaves enough room to personalize them with washi tape and stickers.

Molang Diary Planner and Plush

At $13 I think the planner is well worth it’s price, especially since you also receive 3 sticker sheets with it. If you’re looking for a planner with more room for daily entries, you could also check out this diary.

Molang Notebook

Last but not least I received a Molang notebook. The cover had got a nice structure to it and on the inside you’ll find 64 lined pages with the following sweet Molang illustration:

Molang Notebook

There’s are 4 colours/designs to choose from and the notebook is priced at a reasonable $3,-
To be honest I always find it a bit hard to write quick notes in illustrated notebooks, simply because I don’t want to ruin the pages. But the notebook would be nice for more thoughtful notes, for instance wishlists, dreams or as a journal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the review! Have a nice weekend and don’t forget to enter the kawaii necklace giveaway.

3 thoughts on “Molang Plush and Diary Planner Review

  1. Aaah super leuke spulletjes, ik ben verliefd! De bladzijden van de planner zijn die glad of papierachtig? Ik kan niet zo goed tegen agenda’s met gladde bladzijdes, ik vind het zo zonde als je net hebt geschreven en dan de pen weer uitwrijft. Ik sta in de winkel ook eerst altijd alle bladzijdes te voelen, gek dingetje van mij is dat :p.


    1. Haha yeah I totally understand what you’re saying, I also have to touch everything before buying it 😀
      The pages of the planner feel paper-like, they’re not glossy, so a pen probably shouldn’t smudge/smear.


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