Win a Kawaii Necklace

On July 5 will have it’s 10 year anniversary ^_^ To celebrate I thought it would be nice to have a little giveaway.
You can win a kawaii Cinnamoroll necklace and the winner will be selected randomly on July 5.

Win a Cinnamoroll Necklace

Entering is simple, just leave a comment below. If you are a regular visitor I’d really like to know what you like best about the site and/or what posts you’d like to see in the future.

Kawaii melting chocolate necklace

The Kawaii Jewelry Shop will be updated tomorrow with a couple of new necklaces, like the one pictured above.

12 thoughts on “Win a Kawaii Necklace

  1. this one is soooo KAWAAAIIII 😡 I hope I can get it, ummm about the post in the future, I Request about the unique style for the next summer Dear !!~
    hopefully can help u!!~8-) Doei


  2. I’m a new reader of your blog and I like all your posts very much.
    I like it very much when you post about onlineshops and stationery.
    Unfortunately in Switzerland there are less kawaii items…

    Greetings :sun:


  3. Hi natasja,

    I really like your new hobby! I’ve been following your website since a very a long time. I’m very happy that you started blogging again. You have made me fall back in love again with tamagotchis and all things cute. Your octo kaoani is lovely, but i have also enjoyed the cute games although i do not play them anymore. At the moment i really enjoy your reviews. More wallpapers would be great!


  4. Hello! I really like the reviews that you’ve been doing 🙂 It makes me really want to buy the products! ><


  5. Your website is very inspiring me to make crafts, from the layout to the posts, everything is so adorable. I would like to see more plush tutorials, maybe some cute shirt graphic design (?) ^.^ But I love it. You’re very awesome.!:heart:


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