Life Has Been Hectic

I’m sorry for not being able to write a cute post šŸ˜¦
Friday I had a rush job and yesterday I spent a lovely sunny day with Metin. We decided to join Catootje in the garden during lunchtime, since she’s practically living in it these days.

Catootje cat white odd-eyed

She likes eyeing us from behind the table, especially when we have cheese or fish on our sandwich…

In the afternoon we went to Utrecht for some shopping and drinking šŸ˜€
If you live in the Netherlands I can recommend visiting the V&D schoolcampus since there’s a sale on last year’s stationary, such as Fiona Hewitt, Hello Kitty and Asian characters. The roof terras of the V&D in Utrecht has got a great view, we enjoyed it while sipping on Ice Coffee:


Having caffeine BEFORE shopping wasn’t a particularly good plan. I was jumping around like a maniac by seeing all the cute discounted items and retrieved Metin about half an hour later :p Thank god he has an iPhone to keep himself entertained.

Today my computer is in bits and pieces (T_T) A friend of us is working on updating our PC’s, but it doesn’t go exactly as planned, so I expect it to become late. Very late. Well, I keep my fingers crossed that it will be up and running tomorrow. But I probably won’t be able to post again until Thursday. There are also some home renovations going on here and on Wednesday I’ll meet with my friends for a Hello Kitty high tea.

Have a nice start of the week (^_^)