Cute Shop Amsterdam – Wah Kiu

I thought in might be nice to point out some cute shops in Europe. Since I live in the Netherlands, I’ll start with a shop in Amsterdam. Wah Kiu is a store situated in Chinatown, which sells all sorts of cute stuff. I’ve noticed that not all the items are official, but you can quickly spot that by looking for a brand-name (like Sanrio or San-X) on the package or label.

Cute Shop Store Netherlands Amsterdam Hello Kitty

Kawaii shop Amsterdam

Wah Kiu sells items from various characters, like Hello Kitty, Domokun, Totoro and Kimmi Dolls.

Cute Shop Store Amsterdam Wah Kiu

When you enter the store, you are greeted by many cute plushies, look at those frogs and octopuses! There’s some Doraemon and Ultraman merchandise as well, personally I don’t like those Angry Birds characters πŸ˜‰


Lunchboxes and even some bento tools from Japan (^_^) The shop also sells the cutest banana cases, kitchenware, ceramics, stationery and what not.
The prices can be a tad high for some articles, but there are nice deals. For instance these animal bento boxes were €6,50 ~ $8,00 and I bought a sweet Hello Kitty bowl for €5,50 ~ $7,00.

Kawaii Shop Amsterdam

Storefront of the shop in Amsterdam, please ignore the graffiti :p
You can find a Wah Kiu in Rotterdam as well, near the central station, this store is a bit larger than the one in Amsterdam.

Wah Kiu
Geldersekade 102, Amsterdam / 10 minutes walk from Central Station Amsterdam – directions
Kruisplein 28, Rotterdam / 6 minutes walk from Central Station Rotterdam – directions
Open from 10.00 – 18.00 (closed on Sundays)

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