Google Reader and iGoogle Alternatives

Within a matter of time many of my favorite internet applications seem to disappear or change dramatically (I’m not calling any names, Flickr). I’ve been trying out some alternatives and these are my favorites so far:

Google IG iGoogle Alternative - uStart

To be honest I don’t like as much as iGoogle. But it was the only startpage I could find which has got a somewhat minimalistic look and a calculator function at the same time. The calculator comes in handy when I’m web-designing and I like to display my favorite links for easy access. Oh, as you can see it’s typical Spring weather over here in the Netherlands πŸ˜‰ They’ve got some nice themes and skins as well, although not as pretty as those from Google.

Feedly - Google Reader Alternative

IMHO Feedly is the best feed reader hands down. Transferring your feeds from Google Reader or adding new websites is a breeze. The pretty interface -which you can adjust to your likings- makes reading the posts a nice experience. You can install a mini toolbar to share posts on social media or by e-mail from any website. Feedly offers apps for your phone or tablet, so I often read the latest new from my couch.

Bloglovin Google Reader Alternative

Another Google reader alternative worth mentioning is Bloglovin. This site also has got an option to import your Google Reader feeds. Just like Feedly it’s an easy way to read posts from blogs or other websites in one place. Bloglovin displays a picture, title and the first lines of a post, whereas in Feedly you get to read the whole post. You can also choose to receive new posts by email once a day or whenever your favorite blogs are updated. Feel free to follow <- shameless plug πŸ˜‰

Concerning Flickr, I’ve heard that 500px might be a nice alternative. But it means you would have to build a community again :sad:. So I think I’m just gonna sit back and wait to see if Flickr will adjust a few things, in the meantime I’ll use Instagram.

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