Cute Lunch Ideas

Blame the cold weather, but these days I feel hungry a lot :-|. Here are some of the cutest lunches that made my stomach growl.

Cute Lunch Bunny Bento

Mari Miyazawa is a Japanese bento Artist. She creates the cutest bento and has got a Youtube Channel where she shows how to do it yourself. Bento can be a little time consuming to make, but you can use leftovers from your dinner to save some time. Mari’s official website is E-obento.

Cute Lunch Sandwich Monsters

These Sandwich Monsters -who aren’t scary at all- are made with regular ingredients like ham, cheese and lettuce. But you could also make vegetarian variants, the monsters can be found on Instagram and Tumblr.

Cute Lunch Peekaboo Bread

This peekaboo bread might actually be too pretty to eat. It doesn’t look that hard to make and you can find the recipe at A Beautiful Mess.