Cute Gift DIY Crafts

I’ve picked some cute pastel coloured crafts. You could use them for your Mother’s Day gift, but they would also make a nice present for another loved one (or yourself ^_^).

Kawaii Cute DIY Gift Crafts

1. Geometric Heart Boxes by MR. Printables
2. Bunny Jars by Torie Jane
3. Paper Bow by How About Orange
4. Macaron Gift Box by My Fantastic Toys
5. Painting Pastel Glass Jars by Kootut Murut.
6. Woven gift-wrap by Minieco

The papercraft gift boxes would be great to hold chocolates, a (handmade) ring or necklace. If you’re looking for a cute way to enhance your package, I can recommend the crafts from number 3 and 6.
Crafting the bunny jars is still on my to-do list, I’m thinking of making these jars with retro figurines from Care bears or My Little Pony :rainbow:  All kind of figurines would do, but you can also buy Sleich animals from your toy shop. Roughen the jam lids a bit up with sand paper to make the spray paint stick better.

Happy crafting and have a nice weekend! Follow my blog with Bloglovin